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Duurzame bosbouw vereist duurzame bosbouwaannemers

01 december 2008

Bosbouwaannemers spelen een belangrijke rol bij het mobiliseren van hout voor de industrie en energie in het tegengaan van klimaatverandering.

ENFE Press Release, 15 December 2008

Sustainable Forestry Needs Sustainable Contractors

Contractors play a key role in mobilizing wood for industry and energy in combating climate change.

Forestry and forest based value chains depend on the competences and capacities of contractors who are responsible for a wide range of forest operations. This was the core message to a large number of forest sector representatives at the ENFE Seminar held in Brussels on 10 December 2008. “Most of the time one cannot see the contractor, because they work remotely in the forests, but they are everywhere in forest value chains“ was a buzz line in one of the presentations that will stick in the memory of participants.

A summary estimation shows that some 50.000 mainly small enterprises employ a workforce of about 250.000 which today is the majority of professional forest workers in European forests. Being small enterprises in rural and often remote areas these contractors play an important role for rural economies, and of course for the economic and ecologic functions of forests. Their role, professionalism and investment capacity needs to increase with the ongoing challenge to mobilise wood for energy to combat the threats of climate change.

Forestry contractors know the necessity of maintaining and further increasing productivity and performance of their forestry activities working with their valued industry and forest owner partners. However, in many cases the business environment and recent market conditions hinder sustainable enterprise development. The viability of small and medium enterprises in rural economies, which fulfil a vital role in European forestry and in the forest based value-chain, must be considered as an indispensable part of Rural Development. This is naturally in line with the objectives of both the EU Rural Development Policy and the EU Forest Action Plan.

ENFE wishes to remind Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission that actions and measures are necessary to foster the development of forestry contractors. Maintaining sustainable contractors and their workforce is key issue for sustainable forest management.

For further information please contact the ENFE Secretariat secretariat@enfe.net or visit our website www.enfe.net.

Guide to good practice in contract labour in forestry (UNECE/FAO)
The Importance of Contractors in the Forest Based Value Chains (Mr. Simo Jaakkola, Vice Chairman ENFE)
Challenges for Forestry Contractors (Robert Knysak, Association of Forest Entrepreneurs in Poland) 
Rural Development Programme – Opportunities for Small Forest Enterprises (Tamas Szedlak, European Commission)

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